RIM Training

In my last blog I addressed the importance of creating employee awareness for your RIM program and initiatives along with tips and recommendations. In this blog, I discuss employee training and options that will allow you to maximize your efforts.  As awareness of the RIM program and initiatives increases, it helps facilitate and obtain support for employee RIM training. Employee [...]

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Communicating for Results

In my last blog, “RIM Program Support – Education, Credibility & Communication”, I concluded by discussing, “Communication”.  It occurred to me that though I provided brief insight into my experience as an ICRM Part 6 grader and writer, and what executives and senior management leadership look for in communication, I did not adequately expound on how to create effective communications. [...]

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RIM Collaboration – Achieving Results

Collaboration – Mistakes and Learnings: As a longtime participant in the corporate world and while carrying out my Records Manager responsibilities, I recall many instances where I have observed organizational departments operating in silos,” establishing processes, implementing point-solution software, drafting policies, and making decisions without regard to the collective impact to the organization.  To be transparent, I have also been [...]

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The RIM Fallacy

Introduction: Welcome to my inaugural post on Records Management Resource (RMR).  I hope as we move forward together that you find the content beneficial, practical, and applicable.  The inaugural post addresses a subject that based on my experience I feel warrants the initial attention. An objective (one of many) of this website is to provide my RIM colleagues with information [...]

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